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Pilgrimage to Makkah with  Arafat Travels hajj packages is best option for you; the huge number of Holy travelers looking for special deals of Makkah hajj from all over the world, the Nigeria community can get special offers of cheap hajj right now. As hajj is one of the five basic pillars of Islam and is compulsory for the Muslims that have the financial power for hajj travel. The large community of Muslims from Nigeria perform their hajj obligations and spiritual duties every year by tacking cheap hajj deals. Arafat Travel hajj packages are top notch priority for them and they always prefer to hajj Makkah with best travel hajj alternatives. Are you looking for best hajj packages with low price of Hajj? Then Arafat Travel is best source for you to make your cheap hajj Makkah.


Umrah is the Great opportunity from Allah for the peace of your soul. What else could be better than opting to go for Umrah during the holidays with Arafat Travel! The future December holidays are the best time to take benefit of Arafat Travel Umrah Offer! Since from long time, Arafat Travel has been providing its customers in Nigeria with high quality and matchless Hajj and Umrah Services. The December Umrah package is one of the most exclusive and customer-centric Package from the Arafat Travel

Umrah is sacred journey towards Holy kabbah. A number of Umrah travel agents would be offering Easter Umrah tours and packages at reasonable rates, so if you want to portable to Saudi Arabia during the Easter holidays start traveling your options accurate. You can also be fortunate to get a few festive season reductions during the Easter holidays. You can also plan a group tour to Umrah, if you know other people who are enthusiastic to visit Saudi Arabia during this retro of time. Arafat Travel always care customers and proving you very cheap and affordable packages.

Ramadan is the Month of Allah. Every Muslim wish to spend his Ramadan in Saudi Arabia. Ramadan Umrah is usually very high traveling season. everyone wants to visit holy Makkah and Madinah in the blessed and most mystical month of Ramadan. Due to uppermost demand prices go almost double the normal prices. So here again our proposal would be planning early and manage to book you flights and hotels when they are at reasonable prices. We @Arafat Travel always care about customers provide you a best and reasonable package. We are more than happy to provide special discounts to Nigeria Muslims who book the inexpensive Ramadan Umrah packages in advance. Importance is always given to advance bookings for Nigeria. queries and settling the booking of inexpensive price Umrah at Arafat Travel

Through your life you have prayed, fasted and given in assistance. Today, only one pillar leftovers; a pillar uniting both physical and financial performances of worship, a performance dating back to the time of Ibrahim (PBUH); the Hajj. Shadow in the paths of lots beforehand you; prophets, academics and the virtuous. Stand before Allah on the steppes of Arafat and implore Him to smear away your sins, sleep together with other Muslims from all over the world below an awning of stars in Muzdalifah and enhance to the mountain of pebbles thrown at the pillars in Mina. Make tawaf inside touching distance of the Kabah and pray behindhand the imam in the Prophet’s mosque in Madinah. How many yearn for this chance and keenly forestall its arrival? Will you be among the privileged ones this year. So, we are giving you a finest Hajj packages with the reasonable and economy prices.

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